Powder Transfer System (PTS)

Kenyon’s Powder Transfer System (PTS) is designed for transferring sensitive powder in a contained fashion into reactors as part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing operation. The system ensures the safe transfer of powdered material directly into mixing vessels or reactors through a specific tank nozzle, reducing dust generation and wastage as compared to manually charging powdered material through a manhole or a chute. The main purpose of having this contained system is to prevent operator exposure to these sensitive powders which may be hazardous to health and to minimize environmental exposure and cross-contamination to the product. The use of Nitrogen as the propellant gas maintains an inert environment inside the reactor to reduce risk of fire or explosion, making the equipment intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environment.

1. The PTS system uses Nitrogen rather than vacuum for the powder transfer.
2. PTS uses a fully pneumatic control system that eliminates the need of explosion-proof instruments, electro-pneumatic devices and electrical control panels.
3. Our powder transfer operation is continuous and purging of exhaust filter (rarely needed) is done simply by pushing only one button for each filter.
4. Setting up the transfer operation is easy and fast. Simply tie the plastic bag around a patent-pending multi-functional adaptor disc valve and the powder transfer operation may begin. The transfer operation is by means of a suction lance operating inside a normally inflated clear plastic bag. The entire transfer operation is carried out in a fully contained manner while maintaining full view of the contents inside the plastic bag.
5. Kenyon’s PTS is small, compact and simple to operate yet very robust.
6. Charging speed for most powder is in excess of 1kg per minute.
7. Maintenance is made easy and the filters need not be regularly changed.
8. The cyclone separator ensures minimum dust generation inside the reactor/blender, making cleaning of tank nozzles an easy task.

Please click on the picture above to watch our video of the PTS operation process.

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