• ETFE Coated Ducts
    Kenyon's Automatic ETFE Coating for stainless
    steel exhaust ducts that meet SMENA and FM’s
    We also produce coated quality dampers and
    bare stainless steel ducts.
  • Bio-pharma Services
    As the biggest BPE clean piping company in
    Singapore, Kenyon also do very good quality
    piping, skids and modules for the bio-pharma
    industries at a very competitive price both in
    Singapore and China.
  • Corporate Fit-out
    Armed with 20 years of fit-out experience,
    Kenyon has the biggest team of permanently
    employed staff in Singapore for corporate office
    renovation. We have designers, structural and
    M&E engineers as well as all needed trades men.
    Typically, at least 50% of the jobs are done in house.

About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, Kenyon Pte Ltd was founded in 1988 to undertake mechanical and electrical (M&E) projects for chemical and petrochemical process companies. Over the years, we have consolidated our experiences and expertise and moved into more capital and knowledge intensive projects. We have also established regional offices in China, in Suzhou, Chengdu and Tianjin, to support our growing operations there.

Today, our group includes more than a hundred experienced engineers and designers undertaking turnkey projects in M&E works, with a focus in the electronics, pharmaceuticals and high-purity gas industries. Kenyon also fabricates pharmaceutical modular skids and ultra purity gas panels and manufactures ETFE (Ethylene TetrafluoroEthylene) coated ducts.

Kenyon aims to be a one-stop solutions provider for all its clients’ engineering needs.

We currently have a staff of 700, with more than 400 people in the Singapore office and the remainder in our Chinese offices.

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